Check Out Our Airflow Calculator


When it comes to investing in dust collection equipment, one of the most difficult and confusing aspects is deciding on the appropriate size collector.

In order to do an efficient job, your industrial dust collector needs to be:
  • large enough to handle all the air required to carry smoke, fumes or dust away from your process machinery and out of your general work area

  • the perfect size to overcome static pressure loss

  • small enough to do the job well without wasting unnecessary energy or adding unnecessary costs (you don’t want to be replacing filters more often than you have to!)


Here at Imperial Systems, we’ve developed a helpful calculator tool to assist you in this process. Determining the perfect size collector has never been easier!


To get access to this airflow calculator, simply fill out the form on the right of this page.


Pop in a few numbers and you’ll get access to a quick, helpful result:

the volume of air in a given enclosure calculated into CFM with a given number of air changes per hour!